Friday, January 05, 2007

Anxiety like Whoa.

I think I'm having an anxiety crisis. Brought on by none other than my apathy for all things related to my career-track. Funny how that happens. Funny how the escape from the "real world" is actually no escape at all.

Namaste does not like cages. Intellectual or otherwise.


VJ said...

Apathy is deadly for the enterprise here N. As I tell folks in similar situations: You've got to close with enemy, engage it, and ultimately defeat it. It's as simple as that. You can argue about the cages and the shape & future of same after you can walk away saying that they can't contain you and you overcome them. That's the 'under 2 year option'. If you think you can accomplish this in 2 years and under, you really should try and drive to completion. If the enterprise might take say 2-4 years, there's bound to be more of an argument for 'cutting and running'. Certainly this is more likely at the 5 year+ prospects for 'finishing'. But if you can see some daylight down the shaft, you might as well go for it. Who knows, it might prove useful to someone years from now. The PA will thank you... OK maybe Momma will thank you. Would you believe Cousin Mary? You'll get a soft warm glow inside?

I know, the proper answer is always more good port. A soft fire, a good book, a fine comfy leather chair and some good port to enjoy it all. Now what was the question again? Yes, the disappearance of tenure in the American academic landscape. Basil, you were opining...? Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

Namaste said...

Thanks VJ. Yeah, I'm all about the port...otherwise, the title means very little to me.

2 more years sounds like a good plan (on many counts).