Monday, February 19, 2007


Now that my days are officially mine to do nothing but research and write, I still can't believe how busy I am. Like all over-achievers, I'm over-booked. And I most greedily try to combine my social obligations with my life routine. For example, I'm off to a tea date this morning. The only reason I am meeting this person at this ungodly hour is because we both work out at the gym at the same time. Ergo, we'll grab a cup of tea and walk over to the gym together from there. Date over. This guy has also been on a few yoga dates with me, too. He claims to like yoga, but started regularly coming to my classes when he found out which ones I take. I made the mistake of over-booking my yoga dates last fall when I had two guys show up at once. That was very interesting. Now, when I don't feel like running into a handful of eager beavers in my life, I go to a secret studio across town, one that I never mention in casual conversation. Oh, poor me. I have men following me to yoga class. (LOL.)

At any rate, I must run. But more posts soon. Happy, happy Monday.


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