Monday, February 26, 2007

Implied Correlations

Life is more than reaping what you sow. I think that this statement doesn't do much justice to the implied correlation.

I think...

Life is about realizing that you have the potential to reap much more than you sew. The secret is not being attached to the idea that you can control this. You must plant your seeds and look for the magic in every outcome. This way, you can never be disappointed. Winning and losing becomes irrelevant if, at the end of the day, you can honestly say to yourself: "I did the very best I can. I gave it my very best shot." Other than death--or the fact that you are most likely to use the bathroom a few times a day--there are no fixed certainties in this life. Realizing and accepting this frees you of the paralyzing fear that you must lived within the proscribed boundaries of anything other than your own divine grace. Whether it's in your work or your relationships, the only expectation you should live by is your ability to open your eyes every morning and enthusiastically get through the day, by doing the very best you can. If each day is a new day, then every moment is a new opportunity to explore new ways of creating balance and symmetry in your life.

If you live according to your best self, then you won't live with regrets. You won't look back and think of all of the ways you should or could have acted to have a better outcome. No. You'll act in the moment with the liberating awareness of knowing that whatever the outcome, you did the best you could at the time. None of us have perfect knowledge, and we are all forced to operate in a realm of constraints. In the end, instrumental competition, jealousy, conspicuous consumption and other empty emotions are just like empty calories. They aren't going to help you. If anything, they're just going to make you soft and unable to get out from under yourself.

We can sit around and complain until we are blue in the face that the cards are stacked against us in this life, or we can play the game in a less victimizing fashion. We can always be "right", or we can pull our heads of the sand and realize when we're sometimes not so right and actually laugh about it. We can railroad and abuse others, or we can realize what we're doing to the people we love, take a step back from our self-imposed railroading, honor the divine in each other and simply get out of our own way.

I'm working at my favorite hipster coffee shop today. Because I feel the need to put some magic in the air around me...and see what happens...because of a smile.


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Zed said...

Am loving the positivity in this blog! Rock on.