Sunday, April 08, 2007

Congratulations to Cookie!!

"Love the girl who holds the world in a paper cup
Drink it up, love her and
she'll bring you luck."
-Kenny Loggins

At the start of my second year of college, I made the acquaintance of a young woman named Cookie. My memory fails to pinpoint the exact moment that we met, but I can tell you that it wasn't very long until we started running tight. Very tight. Cookie had this boundless energy and exuberance that made her a perfect partner in crime. She never said no to a crazy dance party, whether thrown impromptu in a ladies bathroom stall at Maarten's, or actually planned by the exotic Latino guy who always let us in for free. She never complained that her feet hurt or that she was tired, or even that she got stuck with the ugly friend every once in a while. (Because it always evened out.) She never held it against me that I threw up garlic couscous in her kitchen sink one night after a few too many "liquid cocaine" shots at Coops, or that I had a propensity for kissing all of her guy friends. (Ok, maybe I still do.) She was always ready for a beach-inspired road trip, a wet t-shirt contest or a subversive game of spin-the-bottle. (You know which game I'm talkin' about, girl. Oh yeah, you know.)

Cookie was the brilliant friend with the unbeatable 4.0 GPA, who wrote her French papers while drinking a '40' before we hit the college night scene. She was the girl who fearlessly rocked an electric blue pleather jacket all winter with a puppy purse-backpack attached to her back. She never left home without it. She would call me (before the advent of the cell phone) to request my presence on her doorstep for the auspicious consumption of giant bottles of wine whilst flirting with her hottie baseball team neighbors. I distinctly remember a rainy spring night at her place. We drank mudslides all evening, looked at the rain soaked front yard and decided to do our own, personal mud sliding. (Mind you, it was cheaper and faster than making a jello pool.) The police showed up, and rather than charging us with drunk and disorderly behavior, they allowed themselves to be won over by Cookie's mud-covered enthusiasm. She even charmed both officers into a photo op. I still have the pictures.

Cookie is the only other woman I know who can be a free spirit while still keeping her feet on the ground. She's successful, loyal and intense and honest almost to a fault, but she will be the first to slingshot her throng across the club and take the spotlight in a stage cage. (Love her!) Over the years, I've watched her grow from a brilliant/party girl/co-ed into a magnificent woman who radiates kindness, charm, sincerity, intelligence, confidence and utmost sensuality wherever she goes. Have I mentioned that I love her? She's an open and fearless person, who, like all of us, deserves to be in a relationship with a person who as fearless and confident in his own right to stand by her and let her shine.

While I might selfishly consider Cookie to be my own "better half", I dare say that deep down, I always knew that her perfect man-partner was out there somewhere, waiting just for her to bounce into his life. My only hope was that he would recognize how absolutely incredible she is as a partner and best friend, hold her with the tenderness and strength that she deserves, live in the moment with her, and not let her slip away.

The good news is that, of course, my hunch was correct. Cookie did find him, and he didn't let her slip away! As a matter of fact, he came across the country in pursuit of her. Clearly, he's a man capable of opening his heart and turning his truest intentions into positive-generating actions. Loving someone is a certainly a risk, but loving Cookie is an adventure. In this case, I think he's up for it. The first time I saw him look at her, I knew that this was the kind of love that we should all be willing to travel great distances for.

The news of the day is that they have decided to make the obvious official. As of today, they are engaged to be married. Yes, my very best girl is getting hitched! In my eyes, the beautiful thing is that where there was once just one best friend, now I have two.

Congratulations to Ms. Cookie and her magnificent Sir Sweetheart. I wish you both an absolutely delicious life together, filled with all of the very best. I simply cannot wait to be there to help you celebrate your love and, of course, shake it-shake it!!! on your (now impending) special day.

All my love to both of you,



Anonymous said...

Great & fantastic news there N. I've been waiting for this good news for awhile. Let's hope it all sticks & comes together soon. Thanks for the very kind words & apt description & thanks for the update too. So now there's only the other fab 'Cookie' sister left! (Thanks too for updating his nickname). Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

Lucy said...

Awwwww! Congratulations to Cookie!

Kathryn Is So Over said...

You have a way with words, darling. I am just as excited, of course. :)


Phil said...

That is awesome news.

I am just disappointed that we were not consulted first, or that "Special K" did not ask us for permission...

Anonymous said...

I'm all for love! Congrats to your friend. I liked her blog -- maybe that's how I found yours? Yeah Cookie!

On an unrelated matter, my mom saw your comment on my blog and clicked away and found yours. She read a bunch of posts and loved it! She tried to post a comment but gets a little confused by the word verification stuff and it got lost into the ether. Anyway, you have a new fan. Isn't the virtual world small?

Anonymous said...

My God I hope I can write something that beautiful and wonderful for my friends when the time comes...

And cheers to Cookie!