Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Le Tired

In the past five days, I have:
  • Quoted Paulo Coelho to a man on an airplane.
  • Made friends with another single serving partner, heard all about her cancer survival and let her use my cell phone.
  • Gotten a pedicure in a place with large cockroaches and talked wedding plans with the only girl on the planet who can shake her booty as much as I can.
  • Had lunch with a former love interest and helped him pick out wrapping paper for a birthday present belonging to the women he says he's going to marry.
  • Met a few very cool people and regretted not being able to spend more time with them...
  • Got swept off my feet by a red door in Eastern Market...mmmmmmmmmmmm...
  • Left a funny thank you note because I'm cute like that.
  • Drove a red mustang convertible, top-down, through the Virginia countryside.
  • Ate at Bro's restaurant and would like to remind everyone again that Bro is a culinary genius!
  • Drank 3 Smirnoff nasty things, too many mojitos, ate outside the bounds of my dietary restrictions and loved every minute off it.
  • Had enough fun with some of my dearest friends to last me for a while and remind me exactly why I'm moving back to DC next year! (Holla.)
  • Paid the price for eating out of the bounds of my dietary restrictions, but didn't care. Nope not at all. That piece of pizza was the best thing I've ever had!
  • Spent quality sibling time with Bro and even had a few nice conversations with his lady-girl. Who knew?
  • Chased chickens with Bro and looked for mushrooms in the woods. (Yes, we were seriously chasing chickens, kamikazee style through the woods. Hilarious.)
  • Drank a few too many glasses of Virginia wine at a friend's BBQ with Bro and told a few too many dirty jokes.
  • Ate lunch with Bro in our hometown...cool...strange...weird...and wonderful all at the same time.
  • Flew home with a happy heart, a smile that kept popping up from time to time, if not a very sore throat.
  • Came home to discover that my Hebrew-English electronic translator thingy arrived in the mail, which I subsequently had to play with for hours.
  • Reminded myself that I am leaving the country in 22 days and I need to pace myself.

So yes, back to pacing. And spinning. And packing. So much to do. At least it's a "good" tired.

The wonderful news is that the Universe is listening after all.



Kathryn Is So Over said...

I can not wait for you to get back here already!

I-66 said...


Sparkles Anon! said...

It was great to meet you - I just wish I could have been SLIGHTLY more awake at the time! Next time, we will shake our respective booties until the sun comes up. :)

I-66 said...

Well what the crap am I going to do then?

Anonymous said...

thank you for talking about my book!
Paulo Coelho

El Guapo in DC said...

Tell me about this famous red door.