Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In 30 Minutes

"We always see the world better when we allow the mystery of our encounters to be unveiled."--Paulo Coelho

After a long, sometimes funny, sometimes absolutely insane month of living with a young, Christian Palestinian family with a collective zoo of relatives and two very active and animated young children, I packed up my two trusty duffle bags with wheels this morning and headed out into the heat of the day. A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to stay on another month in the West Bank. My belief is that the fellowship awaiting me in Jerusalem can wait. I'm getting more done here and seeing more things than I could possibly witness from afar. The view from the ivory tower may be more dazzling, but let's face it: Nothing can replace the real thing. Academia may inevitably kick me out for having my fair share of nitty-gritty, real world experiences, but, I am 100% certain it will still be there when I'm good and ready to return. As things stand, I may never have the opportunity to live and work in the West Bank again.

That said, I am moving in with a young Muslim family today. My new family lives in the Aida Refugee Camp, on the other side of Bethlehem, from where I am now living. I will spend the next 6 weeks there.

Ensha'Allah, it will be a complementary experience to what I have seen already.


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Ranx said...

Namasté, Namasté.

I mean that in the literal sense, the light shines through your actions and words. After trawling through the news and sadness on the internet, I am pleased to have found your blog again and be reminded that there is good in people.

Thank you