Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Live for Today

(Many thanks to Chuck for the photo above. He takes some brilliant pictures...)

Last night I had a difficult time staying focused while I studied for my Hebrew class. After a week, I'm reading and writing in Hebrew. It's enough to wrap my mind around the new sounds and characters. I don't find it particularly difficult. It's just another language. I'm good with languages. But what I do find difficult is just focusing. Deep down, one of my biggest secrets is that I know that I am a walking case of undiagnosed ADHD. I started using earplugs a few years ago to prevent my mind from wandering when I'm trying to get my study on. My simple brain muscle tends to be noisy, and it get distracted by other noises like animals get distracted by other scents. I guess I'm just weird like that. Usually ear plugs help a lot, but last night there was a celebration of sorts in Jerusalem. From my bedroom window, the Old City glittered in this distance even more so than usual. The Arab folks were celebrating a holiday, and the skyline was ablaze in fireworks. Usually, I love fireworks, but in a place where big booms mean scary things, the sound of fireworks can be particularly unsettling. To me, all I hear is violence.
Anyway, I managed to get through a few hours of studying. And I'm here, now, on a break from my Hebrew class, just trying to get through. No matter where we are, aren't we all just trying to live for today?

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