Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Postscript on Insomnia

I actually ended up falling asleep around 5am, and managed to get enough shut eye to be marginally functional throughout the day. I woke up at 8 am from a series of very strange, extremely intense dreams. One in particular involved Slide and I going to a New Age place and flying around the room together. Yeah. Slide never fails me, even in my dreams. The other interesting thing is that I woke up with a clear idea for giving my morning lecture. Funny thing about this is that I was unclear about my presentation style and this stressed me considerably yesterday. Sleep is so good.

Yes, sleep is so good that I broke down and invested in a bottle of Tylenol PM for the immediate future. Bracing for the next few weeks, I went ahead and made an appointment for tomorrow for an hour deep tissue massage. Tomorrow will be an undeclared self-care day.

I may not be incredibly good at managing commitment, but I am committed to managing insomnia.

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I-66 said...

You should still have my number after my New Years Eve texting exploits. Should the insomniatic mood strike you, don't hesitate to make it ring.