Monday, September 01, 2008

Apparently, I Don't Suck

Well, the good news is that I don't actually suck at this teaching thing. As a female student of mine from last semester said in class today:

"Professor Namaste makes everything interesting, exciting and hard to forget."

Two former students dropped by my office just to say hello.

A third emailed me to ask if she can come to my office hours tomorrow.

A new student lingered after class to remark on the previous student's comment from above. She said that after an hour of our first class, she already knows that she wants to double major in XXX and XXX. She triumphantly concluded her monologue with:

"So...I pretty much want to be YOU when I grow up. I just think that you're awesome. Oh--and by the way...I REALLY LOVE YOUR SHOES."


Obviously, this comment pales in comparison to the first day of last semester, when one of my "freshwomen" lingered after class to tell me how thrilled she was to take a course on political feminism with a "professor who is obviously, like, really feminine but also still really know?".

Yes, yes...I do know...and I am also silently amused that this student had no idea, but I didn't hold it against her.

Now, if I could just somehow figure out how to use all of this charm and sex appeal to magically get my office printer to work...


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Anonymous said...

Well we recall the halcyon days of our storied youth. Well no, it did not happen this way for us. But we've seen it happen to others. For the guys? They usually marry the admirers. Protocol or not, they move in fast for the young stuff with the gleaming interest in their eyes. You? Need to charge more for your office hours. I'm betting you could get some mad gas money out of the deal. Seriously. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'