Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Things You Miss

I know I am a big, whiny baby about this, but I had somewhat of a panic yesterday when it began to appear as though I may be going straight from Israel to India at the beginning of August with no break in between. Call it what you will, but I have an inexplicable and compelling need to go back to the US, if only to engage in a few last-days-of-summer bonding activities with friends and family.

As I sit here thinking about it, I am certain that a simple phone call to the Bro will start a plan in motion that would involve a weekend of having our mutual friends and family descend upon his place in Virginia for a vibrant hello and good-bye celebration. I am envisioning such activities as back yard grilling, beer drinking, joke telling, and a hearty run to the river for a full day of summer tubing on the James. There are new babies that need to be bounced and people that need to be hugged in person. If enough time and notice is given in advance, I wonder how many folks would be able to make it, and how far they would travel across the US to do so? I can think of a number of people who wouldn't mind making a long weekend of it in the town of our alma mater...

I am now envisioning how to pull this one off. Hmm...


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