Thursday, June 18, 2009

Foto Alegria

Granada. If the gypsy wasn't already in full force, Spain just added music.

I spent the day in my "home town" of Granada, wandering and letting my creativity take over.

(Because I am always working.)

(The Arab tiles of the Alhambra, also because I am always working.)

(Political graffiti in the Albaycin soothes the soul.)

(More amazing Albacin art. So inspiring!

It is so good to be here.

More to come...


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Le Kutz said...

wishing you all my hydration goodness and a good measure of serendipity from Paris...I always feel an un-named inner tension in how I imagine mysef in relation to being an expat, to my old culture, new one, especially when the initial idealism fades away, and the place that shattered you in every way you wanted begins to reveal its own flaws. And the questions that follow...did the place change, did I never know the place to begin with, was it all an illusion based on circumstances? A happy, but fleeting, meeting of fate when everything was primed for change? Have I changed?

It sounded like before you left, from your entries, you were incredibly, quietly anxious and thrilled to be returning. That stilted moment after the conclusion and the farewell...always seemed as if you were grasping for the emotions. But also that sometime in between you had found your way in a place and structure that previously felt unapproachable. I think that there has to be a moment in a persons life, a person who has sought out her dreams in a tangible way, where everything needs to reconcile itself. I'm halfway in it, and hell, it feels like soggy puzzle pieces jamming together. When life is trying to give you something back that makes sense, it gets messy first.

Wishing you luck and inspiration per usual :)