Monday, July 06, 2009


Thanks to Anais Nin, this little lovely is from Post Secret this week:


More to come... But let me assure my gentle readers that good things are brewing in these parts.

The light switch finally turned on in my dense little brain, and I suddenly began to think of all of the amazing opportunities that are ahead of me this year in India. All of my doubt, angst, and feelings of discouragement that were rolling through me in the previous weeks have finally been replaced with an energy to see the land, take hold of the culture, and understand for myself what this India thing is all about!

In addition to beginning to prepare my lesson plans for teaching 60 high school children about human rights, One Miss Namaste is setting her sights on a Yoga Teacher Certification course after her contract ends in December.

Now, if only I can find a way to fund this blossoming revelation. Hmmm...



Laura said...

I think you are going to LOVE it. Kathmandu was such a wild and wonderful ride for me, and I think South Asia as a whole is an endlessly fascinating area full of very nice people. You'll need your trip to the US in between the madness of Jerusalem and the madness of India, but that's what breaks are for!

As they say in Nepali, Ramro Sanga Janus (go with good) -- good luck!

VJ said...

It would be great if you can incorporate some of the many local human rights issues & ongoing problems for your students too. Some are wholly unknown to most school kids unless they are directly affected. Cheers & Good Luck on all your journeys, 'VJ'

hannahjustbreathe said...

Ahhhh! What kind of yoga teacher certification are you going to go for?? How exciting!

SeanG said...

That moment when the light comes on, when the epiphany happens, that's when life's best adventures happen.