Monday, September 04, 2006


The wedding that I was in this weekend was pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. There are perhaps two reasons why I enjoyed myself perhaps almost half as much as the bride and groom. No, wait, there are three.

Reason Numero Uno: I was in the bridal party. And we all looked hot. And I was never without a blue martini in my hand as a result of being semi-famous all night.

Reason Numero Dos: I did not bring a date. I was able to talk and dance with anyone I wanted, and I was worry free.

Reason Numero Tres: I didn't know more than 3 people there. Kept the small talk simple, and stuck to the dance floor!

Best comedic exchange of the night:

Random Married Lady: "Oh, you seem so independent! Were's YOUR husband? I haven't seen him all night!"

Me: "Oh, HA!--Me? No, I actually don't have a husband."

Random Married Lady: "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to assume. That was rude of me."

Me: "Oh, gosh, not at all! Don't even worry about it! If you do happen to see him around here this evening, definitely let me know. I don't think I've seen him here either!"

Yay for weddings. And congrats to my friends. Although, with these two, I'm definitely not worried!


Phil said...

It's how I met my wife.

Namaste said...

Yay, Phil! I'm still on the look out for happily ever after. If you see him, let me know! ;)