Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Need New Computer

I don't hate my laptop, I just don't want to carry it around anymore. It's so heavy that it hurts me. It's great for perching on a desk and never moving. It's like the lard-ass of lap tops. The clencher is that I only bought it last year, and I never got my rebate back, so I paid way more for it than I intended. As a result of this, I feel no love. It's not the computer's fault, but I can't seem to come around. It has a full warrenty for the next two years, and I want it stolen or something. It has one of those extra big screens ("better to write your doctoral dissertation on, my dear") and all sort of bells and whistles that sound like complete Cling-on to me. Would someone buy it if I sold it? Do people do that? Is there anyone out there who can give me some advice with this sort of thing?

My main complaint is that it's just too heavy. Way too heavy. I need my computer to be like my men--it must travel well and not be too much of a hassle. I also prefer that, like my men, my computer is adaptable to new environments, doesn't have excess baggage. It doesn't have to be too flashy. I want a lean, mean, muscle machine. And no nonsense. None of this fat ass stuff. I, for one, do not prefer that my computer (or my men) be prettier than I am. I just need to know that I can trust it. That it will at least give me a few good years. My needs are minimal. I just need to know that it's not going to break down on me at the height of writing my doctoral dissertation, while I sit cranking away under a bare lightbulb two years from now in some third world, cockroach-infested shit hole. That's all I ask, really, that my computer will stand by my side, and also be able to get up and go when those errant mortar rounds hit my little village in the neutral zone...

But, no, in all seriousness, this fatty computer issue is really started to wear on me. After a few too many parking tickets, I recently decided that I will no longer be driving so much. I can easily commute to work by train. The only problem is then walking the half mile from the station my little oficina (ie: the coffee shop or library desk) with old fatty on my shoulder, in addition to the scholarly materials I carry with me as well. This list also fails to include the gym bag, lunch bag, and other assorted materials that I usually leave in the trunk of my car.

All of this said, who can tell me about Macs? I think that this may be where I'm heading in the next couple of weeks. Does anyone know about any secret sales?


Carrie Broadshoulders said...

I have an iBook. I love it but honestly I don't take it very far so haven't had to really carry it around as it seems you would. I think you could probably get lighter laptops, but I'm a Mac enthusiast so wouldn't recommend anything but a Mac. I have also had an iMac that I just sold. Apples hold their value better than PCs as well and as a Mac user for two years, I have never had any issues with either of the two I've owned.

As for any secret sales, none that I know of. I have always gotten mine from the Apple store. If you still have your college ID, you can get the educational discount which helps with the price. They never really check to see if you are a current student. As you may recall, our UVA ids did not have expiration dates and I'm still using it to get money knocked off any Mac products I purchase!

Namaste said...

Thanks CB! I heard about this educational discount thingy! Although, I would certainly be shot if I tried to use my old ID. I would rather spend more money than ever look like that picture again! (Do you remember the rain that day when we moved in??---OMG-FRIZZ!)

But, yes, MAC it is. It's so on.

Carrie Broadshoulders said...

Oh honey - you have no idea! I still use mine on occasion to get into a bar for free if there's a college ID night or something. I don't look a thing like I did back then (thank God) and my friends think that it's the funniest thing in the world to see me whip it out to save a buck.

Brian said...

I usually suggest people keep an eye on; for a while a bunch of Dell deals were showing up (I got my laptop for rougly 2/3 list price when I started grad school).

But I hear you on the weight thing. I bought mine thinking that 9lbs didn't sound like that much weight at all. Yeah. Sure. Now I groan like a senior citizen every time I have to throw that thing over my shoulder. I will usually "forget" my textbooks if I'm taking the 'puter someplace.

Good luck with the search. Google "Dell coupon codes" and you might find some good stuff as well. I don't think Apple does much in the way of discounts, though, based on what I've heard.

Namaste said...

CB, you are hysterical!

And thanks again WiB!! You rock!