Thursday, August 24, 2006

On Being Open

If I was one of those people who believes in nothing and holds to the idea that random things happen for a reason, so there, then I probably would have nothing to write about today. Instead, I fully ascribe to the belief that everything, yes, everything can be seen as either a gift or an opportunity of some sort. I really believe this. I wouldn't be sitting here tonight writing this, if I didn't think so. Where some people believe in chance, I believe in choice. Where some people say that there is no fate, I believe that we all have the power to create our own reality, given the proper attitude.

This is probably why I don't mind getting lost and having to take the long way, or getting bumped from my flight, or having to sit next to the smelly woman on the bus. My feeling has always been that life has a way of correcting and working itself through. The only thing I can control is my ability to get out of the house in the morning and face the day with an open heart. Beyond this, there is very little that I can control. If I worry that I may be late to my next meeting because of the traffic detour I am forced to take in the morning, I am forgetting that maybe I wasn't suppossed to get to that meeting on time anyway. Maybe I'm not suppossed to be on that particular plane because the evening commute home will land me in a fatal car accident. Maybe I'm suppossed to get on that bus to meet the lady who has a friend who needs someone to live in her house for free while she travels. And maybe that friend has another friend who will be in the inspiration for my next set of travels, or writings, or forays into something that has always interested me to which I had never found an open door.

A number of extremely cool things have fallen in my lap this week. For example, among them was a job that I got simply for having a good reputation. It's stuff like that that reminds me that a daily practice of being on the up and up and doing the right thing does actually pay off in the end, and sometimes even when we least expect it. People talk. And when people talk in a positive manner, it's a good thing. Another wonderful thing is discovering that I'm once again living in the same city as two very good friends. It's not fate that brought us back together, it's choices. And living life authentically.

We have the choice to pave our own way when we make our minds up to be the people we are truly here to be. So there. This will be all for now.


I-66 said...

I think I draw the line at sitting next to the smelly woman on the bus. Then again, I haven't been on a bus in about 8 years...

I wouldn't consider myself to be a fateist. There are so many things that are in our own hands that we don't always realize to be so.

I'm glad you're back :)

O-FACE said...